Freeliving marine nematodes of the Dutch coast

This website documents the freeliving marine nematodes that i have collected along the Dutch coast.

In december 2020 i started taking sediment samples at the low tide water line along the Dutch coast for analysis of the freeliving marine nematode fauna. The results of my efforts to identify and document all the specimen found in these samples are reported here.

My aim is to provide images and videos of all the species encountered, as a reference for the identification of the species of the Dutch coast. (See the "documented specimen" page.)

Especially the videos provide the possibility to show a lot of details at the higher magnifications. Dragging the progress bar of the video back and forth gives the impression of handling the focus wheel of the microscope yourself and shows details that are difficult to capture in photographs (try the full screen mode of the video for the best results).

I followed the taxonomy used by the World Register of Marine Species (which is a great and indispensable source of information!)

Please contact me at aende211 (at)

Neochromadora trichophora, female, 40x objective, stack
Neochromadora trichophora, female, 40x objective, stack


Video file